Doug DeWitt
Triple Trunk Rope Wrap, part 1Wire Tree Wrap, part 1Connected Trees, Part 1Connected Trees, Part 2Cocoon Tree, Part 1Cocoon Tree, Part 2String and Stick Tree Wrap, Part 1String and Stick Tree Wrap, Part 2Nail Tree, Part 1Nail Tree, Part 2Metal Tree Wrap, Part 1Metal Tree Wrap, Part 2Rope Tree Wrap, Part 1Rope Tree Wrap, Part 2Buck Rub Tree, Part 1Buck Rub Tree, Part 2
Tree Trunks
This is a series of sculptures that I made on trees that I planned to remove from my property. Part 1 of the work was created on each tree, then photographed in place over time. Eventually the trees were cut down and the sculptures harvested as artifacts. Photos of the piece on the tree were used to create part 2, along with the object, in order to refer back to its previous outdoor existence.

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