Doug DeWitt
Meridian SatellitesMeridian Satellites (top view)Future OptionFuture Option (on Black Cherry Tree)Tipping PointsLife CycleExisting ConditionsEdge EffectsDouble PromiseP E N DP E N D 
(detail)The CocoonRecollection WedgeStops Along the WayTruth of SummerGround TruthSight LineSenescenceHeliotropic EpiphanyHeliotropic Epiphany (backlit)Permanent FeelingFurrowFurrow (detail)Magnetic ShiftMagnetic ShiftNine StoriesNine StoriesAt the Edge of the LakeNear the Foundation of the Old HomesteadNear the Foundation of the Old HomesteadAlchemy and LiesAlchemy and LiesPilgrimagePilgrimageMemory BalanceMemory BalanceWaiting for SpringWaiting for SpringLong Range Forecast
Long Range ForecastIn DreamingIn DreamingPitfallSpring Equinox with SnowEclipseHedgerowPingree GroveFluffLittle One- with ballLittle One- with orangeLittle One- with sandLittle One- with meterLittle One- with FusesLittle One- with Insect SkinLittle One- with VertebraRib WhirlShredPassage - BreathCocoonTillWhirlKnobCharmNestMeanderMiddenPollenSkullLensTailSphereCrop CircleCrop Circle (detail)DeclinationCrop Circle, artifact

The constructions are built intuitively using weathered materials. Some of these pieces are made with specific content in mind, but most are simply combinations of individual, decayed materials that combine to evoke memories of specific places in the landscape.