My artwork consists of found-object constructions, the artifacts of outdoor installations/events, photographs, video and ecological land art.

The construction pieces of natural and found objects are material mutations where harmony and regeneration exist primarily through decay. The work represents landscapes whose physical materials merge like memory fragments of specific places marking my experience with the landscape instead of simply my view of it.

The outdoor sculptural installations/events cause changes in the landscape that may be either subtle or dramatic. Materials on a site are manipulated and documented as they change over a specific period of time. When removed from the site they become artifacts of the event while the landscape continues to evolve.

The photographs depict landscapes from a point of view that is meant to reveal subtleties that are in plain sight but are often overlooked in standard viewing.

The ecological land art is site-specific work that develops over many years as degraded landscapes are restored to health. The removal of destructive weeds allows for the reintroduction of native plants and controlled fires. The collaboration with natural forces results in anonymous, ever-changing artwork that lives on by itself with my manipulation as a necessary element in its composition.

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