Doug DeWitt
Northwest Ohio- Corn Field West of Twp. Rd. 191
wood, metal, glass, corn, paper, stone, wasp nest, hardware, text ("north south east west happy sad")
11"h x 47"w x 3"d
Looking west across my grandpa's corn field. This piece was inspired by a documentary about an Iowa corn farmer. I expect the film is the closest I'll ever see to a biography of my grandfather, an Ohio corn and soybean farmer. While I didn't live or work on the farm I spent nearly every weekend there with my family. I explored the barns, fields and creeks. My aesthetic sense was formed, in large part, by the textures, colors and objects of that farm. In this piece are small vials of corn kernels, a veiled row of small stones, and weathered wood and rusted metal of the sort that could be found there. The text reads "north south east west happy sad".
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