1990-2010 > Horizon Sculptures 2003-2010

Imagine looking only at the flat, Midwest horizon line and the natural and man-made objects seen along it. Works from this series of constructions are abstractions of that horizon line.

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East of the Trail- Wadsworth Savanna
wood, wire, bone, paint, glass, hardware, fabric
12"h x 37"w x 7"d
wood, metal, glass, photo, text, wax, shells
12"h x 42"w x 3"d
View from the Trail
wood, wire, bone, paint, hardware, corks, text ("running out, arms extended")
6.5"h x 50"w x 4.5"d
Streamside Afternoon
wood, metal, glass, insect parts, string, bobber, thorns
40"h x 52"w x 12"d
Streamside Afternoon (detail)
wood, metal, glass, insect parts, string, bobber, thorns
40"h x 52"w x 12"d
Transition Landscape- 57 Days
Wood, metal, wasp nest, fishing bobber, fabric, insect exoskeleton, glass, sticks, ball, bone, text ("north south east west happy sad" and "57 days"), hardware
10"h x 65"w x 4"d
Ephemeral Wetland
wood, metal, plant parts
6"h x 52"w x 2"d
Illinois- View West from CR 23
Wood, metal, wasp nest, bone, wire, rubber, hardware
6"h x 72"w x 2"d
Ohio- View West from I-75 South of US 6
Wood, cattail stems, metal screen, cork, hardware
9"h x 48"w x 3"d
Ohio- View North from CR 160
Wood, metal, plant stems, fabric, stone, rubber, hardware
6"h x 32"w x 4"d
Winter Stream
Wood, metal, wire, shells, hardware
18"h x 54"w x 5"d
Oman's Pond- Ohio
Wood, metal, bone, text, hardware
6.5"h x 45"w x 3"d
Pod- Gulf Coast Florida
Wood, metal, fabric, glass, photos, mangrove seed pods, shell pieces, hardware
9"h x 38"w x 3.5"d
Ohio- View East from SR 103 @ Twp Rd. 190
Wood, bone, metal, hardware
9"h x 48"w x 4"d
Snow on Plowed Fields- Indiana
wood, metal, hardware
8"h x 42"w x 5"d
14"h x 35"w x 4"d
Prairie at Volo Bog
wood, wire, bone, paint, metal, hardware, text
11"h x 74"w x 5"d
Winter Solstice- Walking with Dad
wood, metal, glass, sticks, fabric, photo, text, stone, paraffin wax, beeswax, paper
12"h x 100"w x 4"d
Digging for Ants, Evergreen Lake
wood, wire, bone, soil, glass, hardware, photo, text
7"h x 54"w x 6"d
Illinois, Evergreen Lake
wood, red osier dogwood stems, hardware
12h x 40w x 3d
Ohio- View West from Twp. Rd. 191 @ CR 160
wood, metal, wire, hardware
5.5"h x 30"w x 5"d