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This piece is an artifact of an event that occurred on the gulf coast of Florida. Mangrove tree seed pods that had washed up on the beach were gathered and poked into the sand in a series of lines and swirls that echoed the final leading edge of each wave reaching onto the shore. As the tide came in, the pods were not washed away as predicted, but were driven deeper into the sand just as they would do naturally, no doubt. The next day, some of the remaining pods were collected along with bits of shell. In this construction the seam of jeans is the horizon. Everything below it is the beach. Above it is the overcast sky. A metal rod bends across the piece...the curvature of the earth...the arch of the sun.

Property of Peg and Matt Sheaffer.

Pod- Gulf Coast Florida
Pod- Gulf Coast Florida
Wood, metal, fabric, glass, photos, mangrove seed pods, shell pieces, hardware
9"h x 38"w x 3.5"d