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Amy Wolfe and Doug DeWitt

Meridian is an exhibition of our multi-media work with which we reflect on the everyday objects and observations of the Midwest landscape. Interacting closely with what others might disregard, our work plays with the tension between natural and manmade materials in the process of decay. The flat fields and gentle streams of our landscape – our back yard – are subtle when compared to majestic mountains or jungle waterfalls. But intuitively collecting and composing its remnants reveals surprising complexity and a chance for inner balance.

Artist's Bios

Amy Wolfe
Amy Wolfe is an artist and art teacher in Bloomington-Normal, IL. She received her undergraduate degree in Fine Art with a concentration in ceramics, and her master’s in art education at Illinois State University. For the past 20 years she has taught everything from kindergarten to high school. She is currently the art teacher at Bent Elementary in Bloomington, IL.

Doug DeWitt
Doug DeWitt is a Chicago-area artist and ecologist whose multi-disciplinary work is inspired by natural history and Midwest landscapes. Originally from northwestern Ohio, DeWitt spent many childhood hours exploring his grandparents’ farm buildings and catching crawdads in the creek near his home. He received a BFA in graphic design from Bowling Green State University in 1985, then moved to New England to experience the coastal landscape while working in Boston. Returning to the Midwest, DeWitt earned an MA in Studio Arts from Illinois State University in 1990. He designed exhibits featuring natural history, wildlife and anthropology at the Field Museum of Natural History and John G. Shedd Aquarium, both in Chicago, where his love of nature, science and history merged with his art. DeWitt exhibits his artwork throughout the Chicago region and beyond. He is currently an ecologist and land manager with Tallgrass Restoration, LLC, a private firm that restores native prairies, woodlands and wetlands, a profession that continues to inspire his art.