Solo Exhibit Proposals > Ground Truthing

Ground Truthing—the act of confirmation through direct observation—is an exhibit of found-object sculptures and land art documentation inspired by immersions in the Midwest landscape. The work reflects patterns and forms in nature without denying the presence of humanity while evoking memories of specific places.

The sculptures combine weathered natural and manufactured objects in the search for visual harmony arising from advanced material decay. Although I intend these works to be beautiful, I also mean to comment on the larger relationship between contemporary culture and nature.

The land art work takes place outdoors, existing for just a few moments or developing over many years. Objects, photos and videos of the work become artifacts from the event while the landscape continues to evolve. The collaboration with natural forces results in ever-changing artwork that lives on by itself with my manipulation as an element in its composition.

I propose to exhibit these works together and can easily provide over twenty pieces, including several videos. I would also be happy to show with additional artists if that would fit better with your programming.

Please let me know of any questions or additional information you may need. Thank you for your consideration of my work.