Doug DeWitt
Forgotten Winter Dream
wood, wire, paint, mirror, hardware, fabric
9"h x 34"w x 3"d
I made this piece in response to a dream I had in which I had lost some of my memory. The details of the dream aren’t important to the sculpture and consequently I’ve forgotten them, hence the title. But the essence remains. No doubt the dream was inspired by my mom’s continuing memory loss. The photos are of my dad when he was a teen (I think) and were destroyed in a flood along with many other family photos. Since many of our memories are enhanced by, or retained because of, photographs I felt that using these lost images conveyed the idea of memory loss. Symbolically, the photos float above the surface of the wood on which they are mounted. The fabric is from one of my dad’s shirts. The mirror suggests self reflection that occurs throughout our lives, but perhaps most urgently as we become more aware of our own mortality. The compass is for direction (in our lives), and the toy block represents childhood.

This piece is part of the horizontal construction series. Regardless of any other content the horizontal works are inspired by the horizon lines of the Midwest. Imagine looking only at the horizon line and the natural and manmade objects seen along it. Works from this series are abstractions of that horizon line.
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