Doug DeWitt
Snow on Plowed Fields- Indiana
wood, metal, hardware
8"h x 42"w x 5"d
In autumn many Midwestern farmers plow their fields to be ready for the next spring's planting. After an early winter snowfall of about an inch followed by partial melting as the day warmed up the black soil contrasted sharply against the bright whiteness of the remaining snow creating dramatic stripes across hundreds of miles, intersected by roads and punctuated by woods and buildings. This piece represents my memory of that scene as viewed through my windshield as I drove through northern Indiana. The base piece of lumber was found with an existing pattern of white painted stripes. A block of wood on the left, without stripes, is a woods. Bits of rusty metal and smaller pieces of wood accent the view. A small metal piece is the horizon or the path of the winter sun, bending outward toward the viewer.
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