Doug DeWitt
Transition Landscape- 57 Days
Wood, metal, wasp nest, fishing bobber, fabric, insect exoskeleton, glass, sticks, ball, bone, text ("north south east west happy sad" and "57 days"), hardware
10"h x 65"w x 4"d
This piece represents an emotional landscape rather than a specific place. Near the center of the piece is an empty box. On the left side of the box is a photo of my dad, along with a few things that remind me of him extending further to the left. On the right side of the box is a photo of my son and daughter, with things that remind me of them extending to the right. My son was born 57 days after my dad died. The empty box represents that 57 days in my life. Though it goes without saying, the transition time between the death of my dad and the birth of my children was very short and emotionally significant. It remains very difficult to find words for that experience. One way of looking at it is that, in a sense, it was during that two-month moment when I stopped being the son of my father and became the father of my son. Stamped into the wood is text reading "north south east west happy sad" and "57 days".
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