2016-2023 > Sculpt

Just a Dream #3
Just a Dream #3
wood, rope, metal, plastic, paint, rubber, bone, text
140"h x 90"w x 72"d

or $90 for an unframed 8x10 photo.

Recently I made two little free-standing tripod sculptures. About a month later I decided to make a large outdoor version. As I collected materials I found an oar that I had intended to use in a sculpture about fifteen years ago. At that time I had stamped "Row, row, row your boat" on the blade of the oar but I never used it in a piece. Now was a new opportunity. As I made this large tripod piece, including the oar, I decided I would title it "Dream" to finish the nursery rhyme that was started in text on the oar. Later that night I was thinking about the differences and similarities between the two small sculptures compared to the large one, which wasn't yet complete. At one point I wondered what I had titled those two little ones so, since I couldn't remember, I looked at my Instagram feed where I posted pictures of them. They were titled "Just a Dream #1" and "Just a Dream #2". I think that is exceedingly weird and cool.