Doug DeWitt
Data SetHouse of Cards- March/April 2020Hindsight Hindsight (detail)Black FlagBlack Flag (side view)Black Flag (detail)A Clearly Defined Season A Clearly Defined Season (detail)Event Horizon I Did Not Know MarissaI Did Not Know Marissa (detail)I Did Not Know Marissa (detail)Sleeping Outside
SOLDConfirmation BiasDream of DreamCollective ThinkingMidsummer Bug HumPrimordial ElementStreambank FolktaleDispersal MechanismDispersal Mechanism IIA Change in the Weather
SOLDImplicationHeat Lightning (redux)Contingency Plan...wait...fade...Borrowed Harmony
SOLDCanopy GapDelineationCompassBetween Equinox and SolsticeCloud ShadowTime PastNight SoundsDream EchoTwo Miles DistantOrbit
Archetypal graphic motifs of spirals, concentric circles, scribbles and other mark-making reflect patterns and forms in nature. Considering the continuity of energy through time, perhaps these line drawings are symbolic of physical or spiritual roadmaps, navigating toward the truth of our position in the universe.