Doug DeWitt
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Routes Through the Landscape
Routes Through the Landscape is an exhibit of abstract drawings evoking experiences in the Midwest landscape. There are four distinct, but related, series.

"Routes" is a series of drawings and paintings based on maps of my daily routes. As a professional restoration ecologist, I spend a lot of time driving around the region visiting habitat restoration project sites. Although I drive one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles available it’s ironic that I must pollute the atmosphere while restoring local ecosystems.

“Horizons” is a series of abstract landscape gestures from my memory of views of ecological restoration projects and from the routes I drive between them.

“Tangle Eyes/Little Tornadoes” is a series of gestural drawings inspired by a combination of the marks made on snow by windblown prairie grass, and by the visual and conceptual impacts of hurricanes and tornadoes. These drawings express an urgent, rapid dispersal of energy.

“Nebulae” is a series depicting a slower, deeper energy than the near-frantic “Tangle Eyes/Little Tornadoes” series, contrasting the difference between contemplative longevity and extreme emergency events.

I propose to show these four series in one exhibit and can easily provide over fifty works. I would also consider showing one or more series separately if that would fit better with your programming. For instance, “Routes” and “Horizons” can be combined since both refer directly to the land. “Tangle Eyes/Little Tornadoes” with “Nebulae” work together as both refer to expenditures of energy. I would also be happy to show with additional artists if that would fit better with your programming.

Please let me know of any questions or additional information you may need. Thank you for your consideration of my work.